What You Need to Know about Boat Insurance

Boat insurance policies are an essential part of the responsibility of boat owners. However, knowing exactly what boat insurance policies cover can be a bit complex.Our goal is to help you become more knowledgeable and confident about boat owners insurance because insurance for a boat is very different from insurance policies for cars or homes…. Read More

San Diego Boat Show Attendance Soars

After a downturn in 2013, attendance at the San Diego Boat Show skyrocketed this year. Boating enthusiasts descended on San Diego in record numbers. Total attendance was 7,640, an increase of nearly twenty-five percent from the previous year. The show was bolstered by an expanded presence. Exhibit space increased by twenty percent and a total… Read More

Emergency Preparedness for San Diego Boaters

Boating in the summer should be a relaxing activity but nothing ruins a boating trip like an accident or breaking down nowhere near shore. Anything can happen while you are on a boat, just as anything can happen when you are on land, so make the most out of your summer boating season by following… Read More

San Diego’s Top Three Yacht Clubs

Whether you’re still sailing your used San Diego boat from the ‘90s or have upgraded to a luxurious and spacious yacht, many boating enthusiasts find that they appreciate and sometimes enjoy their vessel more when they belong to a yacht club. In addition to broadening your horizons and meeting others who share the same interests,… Read More

Top 4 Upgrades for Your Boat or Yacht

When you buy a used San Diego boat or yacht, you may want to make a few modifications to make it more your own. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy and affordable upgrades that new boat owners can consider. Not only will these upgrades reflect your own boating personality and style, certain changes can enhance… Read More

The Festival of Sail at the San Diego Maritime Museum

Looking for some Southern California boating fun this month? The Festival of Sail at the San Diego Maritime Museum is the largest tall ship festival on the West Coast and is kicking off a multi-day celebration. The weekend’s events are a great way to get together with likeminded boating enthusiasts to learn new bating tips… Read More

Tips for Naming Your Boat

If you are the new owner of a boat or yacht, there are a few things that are likely on your list of things to do. For instance, you’ll need to obtain affordable San Diego boat insurance, your Certificate of Number and Certificate of Ownership and you’ll need to register your stickers. After you take… Read More

Trending Interior Design for Boats & Yachts

No matter how large or luxurious a boat or yacht may be, interiors are always restricted by low ceilings and small spaces. By using the right design elements, you can create a feeling of spaciousness on the open seas. Take a look at some of the latest interior design trends for boats and luxury yachts,… Read More

Boating Strengthens Family Relationships

In this digital age, it’s not unusual for families to be in the same room yet worlds away. As children become adolescents and teens, it can be especially tough for parents to engage them with activities that the entire family can enjoy. As a San Diego used boat brokerage, we always talk to families who… Read More

Best Boating Clubs in Southern California

Southern California has always been a premier location for great boating communities and clubs. From South Bay San Diego all the way to Dana Point in Orange County, you will find some of the very best boating clubs on the west coast. Ballast Point Yachts, Inc., a trusted San Diego yacht brokerage, explores some of… Read More