Trending Interior Design for Boats & Yachts

No matter how large or luxurious a boat or yacht may be, interiors are always restricted by low ceilings and small spaces. By using the right design elements, you can create a feeling of spaciousness on the open seas. Take a look at some of the latest interior design trends for boats and luxury yachts, presented by Ballast Point Yachts, Inc., your trusted source for used boats in San Diego.

Soft Colors

Flamboyant color schemes of past years are gone. Today’s boat owners want light, comfortable colors that create a relaxing atmosphere. With low ceilings less than eight feet, boats can feel dark, but trending colors like seafoam, teal and lilac create a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere that’s light and airy. Cool shades of gray and light, warm shades of brown combined with ivory and other soft colors create a subtle interior that feels cozy and inviting.

Natural Materials

Soft, tactile upholstery fabrics like chenille, corduroy, and velvet, and casual linens and cottons are contrasted by beautiful, rare woods on flooring, walls, and furniture. Natural stones like granite, marble and travertine cover kitchen counters, shower enclosures, and bathroom floors. Reflective materials like polished metals, mirrors, and glass transmit light and make the space feel larger than it really is. Comfortable, natural materials are the focus – think less is more!

Large, comfortable decks with swim platforms are the latest trend. Decks resemble outdoor patios with lounge furniture, custom grills and built-in bars with refrigerators and ice-makers. These decks now have all the comforts of home, including state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens and private sundeck areas. Many aft galleys are located closer to the water to provide a dramatic swim platform.

If your budget doesn’t accommodate the most expensive new design trends, you can still create trending looks on a smaller budget. Focus on light, relaxing colors, natural materials and comfortable atmosphere. If your boat is on the smaller side, yet still has a small deck, install a portable grill and find some comfortable, collapsible furniture that you can easily store.

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