Boating Technology You May Want to Consider

Boaters have always been torn between tradition and technology – and as new advancements are being made, it is becoming more apparent that the world of boating is changing at a starting pace. From basic smartphone apps to advanced GPS and navigation products, there are countless technological devices that can promote the safety of boaters,… Read More

At What Point Do I Need a Captain’s License?

If you own a boat or spend a lot of time out on the ocean, you’ve probably come across the term captain’s license. You may even be wondering if you need one to operate your own personal vessel. If you’re taking your boat out leisurely on the weekends with family and friends, then you don’t… Read More

Tips for Naming Your Boat

If you are the new owner of a boat or yacht, there are a few things that are likely on your list of things to do. For instance, you’ll need to obtain affordable San Diego boat insurance, your Certificate of Number and Certificate of Ownership and you’ll need to register your stickers. After you take… Read More

Trending Interior Design for Boats & Yachts

No matter how large or luxurious a boat or yacht may be, interiors are always restricted by low ceilings and small spaces. By using the right design elements, you can create a feeling of spaciousness on the open seas. Take a look at some of the latest interior design trends for boats and luxury yachts,… Read More

Boating Strengthens Family Relationships

In this digital age, it’s not unusual for families to be in the same room yet worlds away. As children become adolescents and teens, it can be especially tough for parents to engage them with activities that the entire family can enjoy. As a San Diego used boat brokerage, we always talk to families who… Read More