Boat Safety

Emergency Preparedness for San Diego Boaters

Boating in the summer should be a relaxing activity but nothing ruins a boating trip like an accident or breaking down nowhere near shore. Anything can happen while you are on a boat, just as anything can happen when you are on land, so make the most out of your summer boating season by following these boating safety tips and measures.

Guide To Boating Safety

Rule #1 to boating safety: always have a safety kit fully stocked on board. These kits include items such as first aid supplies, extra flotation devices, reflectors, whistles or horns, flare guns, fire extinguishers, rope, and flags to signal to other boats that someone from your boat is in the water. It is also equally as important to ensure everyone on board is wearing a life jacket. This is especially crucial for emergencies that require evacuating the boat.

If you ever find yourself on a boat that has broken down, be sure to have plenty of food and water for everyone on board since it may take some time before you and your passengers are able to be rescued or towed by fellow boaters.

However, you can prevent these types of situations from happening by filling up your gas tank and inspecting your boat before each use. Your inspections should always include making sure the motor, battery, and radio are all functioning properly, checking all of the lights on the boat, and looking for any damages on the exterior that may make the boat susceptible to sinking. If you come across a problem with your boat, take your boat to Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. for reliable and prompt boat maintenance in San Diego.

Do not ruin your boating trip by boating unprepared – be ready to address any emergency situation as they arise and ensure safety for yourself and your passengers. As a supplement to these tips, you should also make a supply and inspection checklist to guarantee your boat is always fully stocked and equipped for maximum relaxation and fun with your friends or family!

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