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San Diego Boat Show Attendance Soars

After a downturn in 2013, attendance at the San Diego Boat Show skyrocketed this year. Boating enthusiasts descended on San Diego in record numbers. Total attendance was 7,640, an increase of nearly twenty-five percent from the previous year.

The show was bolstered by an expanded presence. Exhibit space increased by twenty percent and a total of almost 125 companies proudly showed off their boating products, targeting individuals looking to buy a boat in San Diego. Other improvements included blue water fishing and sports fishing seminars and an increased selection of “superyachts”. Interested consumers flocked to the show to see what exhibitors had to offer.

The San Diego Boat Show is run under the partnership of the Port of San Diego, the California Yacht Broker Association, and San Diego Superyacht Association. They made sure to extensively advertise the show so that San Diego’s many boating enthusiasts would know to attend. Many major local news programs and newspapers also devoted extensive coverage of the happenings. The extra work paid off, and the show has now been accurately trumpeted as a huge success and is being hailed as the best West Coast boat show in years.

The uptick in boat show attendance is no fluke. It is part of a growing trend of increasing growth in the yacht industry. Analysts are impressed by the industry’s growth. According to recent industry data, sales have increased by seven to nine percent in June and early July. Recent favorable weather trends have also helped bolster the industry, helping the market grow after a difficult 2013. This positive momentum is expected to continue, leading to a substantial increase compared to last year.

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