Luxury Boat Maintenance Checklist for Beginners

Congratulations on purchasing a used boat in San Diego. Now, cruising on the bay with nothing but bright sky ahead isn’t just a far off dream; it’s reality. Yet like with any other piece of reality, luxury boat ownership comes with quite a few responsibilities. Not only do you need to know the legalities of… Read More

How to Successfully Share a Boat with a Partner

Oftentimes, individuals who love boating are interested in saving money by purchasing a used boat in San Diego with a friend, family member, or trusted business partner. While this can be a very cost-effective maneuver, it is also a process that can generate misunderstandings, confusion, and fracture relationships. To ensure that none of these possibilities… Read More

Life on the Water: Tips for Living on Your Boat

Buying and living on a used yacht in San Diego is a choice a surprising number of people make. Whether it’s to save money, try something different, or for the sheer excitement of living on a boat, it can be a rewarding life choice if done right. If you are considering making the move to… Read More

The LA Boat Show is Right Around the Corner

If you’re anxious for a peek into the boating world and just can’t wait for the San Diego Boat Show in June, check out the Los Angeles Boat Show this February. The boat show is a great place to check out the latest and greatest in boating and can help you decide exactly what you’re… Read More

Great Gadgets for Every Boater

If you have a boating enthusiast in your life but aren’t quite sure what kind of gifts to get him or her, look no further. Here is a glimpse at five of the best gadgets and gizmos any boater will enjoy, furnished by the boating pros at Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. in San Diego, CA…. Read More

Choosing the Right Marine Sealant

Choosing the proper sealant compound for a boat or marine dock is very important. Some sealants are extremely weather-resistant but do not form a watertight bond, while others are excellent for bonding two different materials but may become weakened when a cleaning solution is used on one or the other. The most versatile sealants are… Read More

How to Assess a Boat Before You Buy

You have decided to buy a used boat in San Diego, congratulations! However, it’s important to be confident in the design, quality and feel of the boat on the water before you make such a large investment. Here are a few things that any prospective boat buyer in San Diego should keep in mind. High-Quality… Read More

5 Affordable Boat Upgrades

Owning a boat is not unlike owning a house, and over time boat owners find themselves wanting to make upgrades whether for added value or pure enjoyment. If you are a boater on a budget or looking to spruce up the used yacht in San Diego you just purchased, here are five affordable upgrades any… Read More

Knots Every Boater Should Know How to Tie

Knot tying is an intrinsic part of boating and sailing, and imperative for staying safe when docked or on the water. Whether you’re a regular weekend boater or still just looking at used yachts in San Diego, here are 5 knots every sailor should know how to tie. Cleat Hitch The cleat hitch knot is… Read More

Finding The Perfect Boat In San Diego

In the Market for a Motor Yacht? Need help Finding the Boat that Meets your Needs? Finding your dream yacht requires careful research and a knowledgeable and experienced San Diego yacht broker. Brokers ensure that the proper steps are followed from pre purchase inspections to finding boat insurance in San Diego, and you will receive… Read More