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Great Gadgets for Every Boater

If you have a boating enthusiast in your life but aren’t quite sure what kind of gifts to get him or her, look no further. Here is a glimpse at five of the best gadgets and gizmos any boater will enjoy, furnished by the boating pros at Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. in San Diego, CA.

Hybrid Flashlights

There can never be too many flashlights on-board a boat, but lugging around packs of batteries can be cumbersome. Hybrid flashlights utilize small solar panels, magnets, or a retractable hand crank to provide hours of light. Depending on the flashlight, battery life is generally between 8 and 16 hours, and recharging can take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.

Handheld GPS

A handheld GPS is a must-have tool for every boater and recommended by most boating safety organizations. There are basic water resistant or waterproof models available, but if you are willing to invest a little more look for a marine GPS. Marine GPS devices often have coastal charts, detailed, worldwide imagery, wireless sharing, and GPS locating even in heavy cover.

Suction Coolies

Keeping a cool drink by one’s side can be a bit of a chore on the boat. This is where suction coolies come into play. These small koozies can be attached to just about any flat, smooth surface, keeping drinks upright and cool for hours.

Safety Lines

A safety line is a great investment for anyone that boats or sails alone. The line connects to the captain as well as a kill switch on the boat. Not only does it keep the boater connected to the vessel should he or she go overboard, it will also turn the engine off.

Cooking Pouches

Going out on the water does not mean delicious, gourmet meals are no longer possible. Cooking pouches can be used to cook and steam almost any food imaginable in as little as thirty seconds in a microwave.

Dry Cases

In order to store all of these devices every boat owner should have at least a few dry cases on their boat. Modern dry cases are clear, waterproof when submerged, and are a great option for smartphones, fish finders, or any other electronics.

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