Boating Tips

Top 4 Upgrades for Your Boat or Yacht

When you buy a used San Diego boat or yacht, you may want to make a few modifications to make it more your own. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy and affordable upgrades that new boat owners can consider. Not only will these upgrades reflect your own boating personality and style, certain changes can enhance your experience on the water.

LED Lighting

With newer LED lights, you can enjoy a lot of light with just a fraction of the power that it used to take. These range in price from $8-40 depending on your needs, and they take just minutes to install.

Fish Finder

Who doesn’t love to go fishing out at sea? There are numerous fish finders on the market today that use sonar to detect the location of groups of underwater fish. Because fish finders use modern technology and electronics, some can be as expensive as $600, but most range between $100-200. Many can be integrated between marine radars, compasses and GPS navigation systems and can be plugged into a socket with ease.

Marine BBQ Grill

There’s nothing better than enjoying a barbecue meal while on the water. There are a variety of grills available specifically for boats that are rail mounted, deck mounted and either propane or charcoal fired – options for all your grilling needs. While pricing for a grill will be determined by the individual model you choose, you can expect prices to range from $100 – $300.

Swimming Platform

Adding a swimming platform on the side of your boat will make coming on board after a swim much easier. While there are some standard options that can be installed easily for around $150, you can have them custom built to match your boat’s current style or moldings. With options in various materials including glass and wood, there’s something for every boater.

If you’ve just purchased a boat, these are just some of the easy additions that can help make it your own. And if you’re a new boater, be sure you’ve taken care of all legalities and implemented proper safety procedures. Properly register your boat and ensure that you have the appropriate level of San Diego boat insurance.  Then, take an experienced boater with you on your first time out so you can become comfortable in different currents and wind conditions.

With your new boat, upgrades and legalities taken care of, you can have the freedom to explore the beautiful San Diego waters with friends and family!