Southern California Boating

Boating in San Diego: Enjoy the Laidback Lifestyle

Anyone who has recently moved to San Diego will soon discover the city’s amazing harbors, which are always bustling with boats, yachts, and sailing ships of every size, shape, and color. This second-largest city in California has over one million inhabitants, one of the deepest and largest harbors in the United States, and year-long mild weather patterns. All this leaves San Diego as a boater’s paradise, a “city that truly lives on the water.”

There are many benefits and attractions that lure people to take up the boating lifestyle after they buy a boat in San Diego, some of which include…


Yachts, especially the smaller cabin cruisers, are a favorite type of boat for the local fishermen. Year-round coastal and deep-water fishing excursions are made possible by the exceptional San Diego climate and there is no need to pull the boat in from the dock during the winter. A personal marina and/or boat slip can keep the vessel well supplied and in tip-top condition without the necessity of renting docking-space- a great option for those with waterfront property.


Just cruising the harbor, the outer coastline, viewing the wildlife and scenery, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face- that is another popular benefit of a boating lifestyle. To be able to simply jump in your very own new or used boat in San Diego and embark on frequent mini adventures to the boat-in restaurants, nature preserves, city parks, local beaches, and other attractions along San Diego’s shoreline is a compelling factor that many cannot resist.


Just off the Pacific coast of San Diego, there are a number of popular tourist islands that are easily accessed by yacht owners, including Santa Catalina, San Nicolas, and the Channel Island National Park. Many also venture out on long-range trips up the California coast to nearby Mexico or even as far as Canada during the summer months.

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