3 Must-See Southern California Marinas

Even though February is a month frequently characterized by cold weather, heavy winds and snow in many parts of the country, Southern California residents are enjoying clear, sunny skies. What’s that mean for boating enthusiasts? Trailer your boat to California and take advantage of the destinations that allow for smooth sailing year-round! And if you… Read More

Boating to Mexico? Get Your Paperwork in Order.

Boating is a great way to experience Mexico. From the famed gray whales offshore to the warm, friendly marinas onshore, there is plenty to see and a wealth of things to do. However, before you cross the border by boat, it pays to have your paperwork in order. At Ballast Point Yachts, we not only… Read More

Top California Boating Destinations for Summer 2014

California has a multitude of great boating destinations for individuals with a desire to explore the coastline. However, with so many different spots to visit and see, knowing where to start can be a little difficult. So if you’re bored with the San Diego waters and are looking to chart your summer adventure, here are… Read More

Best Boating Clubs in Southern California

Southern California has always been a premier location for great boating communities and clubs. From South Bay San Diego all the way to Dana Point in Orange County, you will find some of the very best boating clubs on the west coast. Ballast Point Yachts, Inc., a trusted San Diego yacht brokerage, explores some of… Read More

Boating in San Diego: Enjoy the Laidback Lifestyle

Anyone who has recently moved to San Diego will soon discover the city’s amazing harbors, which are always bustling with boats, yachts, and sailing ships of every size, shape, and color. This second-largest city in California has over one million inhabitants, one of the deepest and largest harbors in the United States, and year-long mild… Read More

The LA Boat Show is Right Around the Corner

If you’re anxious for a peek into the boating world and just can’t wait for the San Diego Boat Show in June, check out the Los Angeles Boat Show this February. The boat show is a great place to check out the latest and greatest in boating and can help you decide exactly what you’re… Read More