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Boating to Mexico? Get Your Paperwork in Order.

Boating is a great way to experience Mexico. From the famed gray whales offshore to the warm, friendly marinas onshore, there is plenty to see and a wealth of things to do. However, before you cross the border by boat, it pays to have your paperwork in order. At Ballast Point Yachts, we not only have used boats and yachts for sale in San Diego, we have a team of boating enthusiasts who know a thing or two about boating down south. Here are a few items they suggest you bring along to help ensure a successful and hassle-free ride to Mexico.

  1. Passports: Just like if you crossed the border by car, having a passport or passport card for each of your passengers is a necessity. If you plan on traveling further South than Mexico, only a passport will get you in and out of North America. Children should also have their passports, regardless of age.
  2. Boat Registration and Insurance: Make certain your boat registration and stickers are up to date. Borders are destinations that are known for a coast guard boarding and inspection, and unless you want your vacation delayed, you want to make certain that everything on your vessel is up to code. Insurance should not only be up to date, but you may want to ask your insurance company about specific travel policies available for the time you’re abroad. For more information about reliable boat insurance in San Diego.
  3. Boaters Safety Card: Although not required in California, having a California Safe Boater Card is a great way to save on insurance. It can also save you time during a boarding as many inspectors assume that if you’ve gone to the trouble of getting the certification, you’ll be up to date on your other paperwork and vessel requirements. After passing the course, it’ll take about 8-10 business days before you receive your permanent card so if you don’t have one already, plan ahead accordingly.
  4. Boating with Fido: Bringing a pet across the border is possible, but requires a few extra documents. First, you must have international certificate of good health. This is an official document that must be signed by an approved veterinarian, and certified by the State Veterinarian. Second, you need proof of rabies and distemper vaccines that were issued at least fifteen days before your trip. Though you may get into Mexico without some of this, getting back into the US with your pet may be trickier without these documents. Proof of ownership is paperwork you should travel with as well.

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