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Top 7 Reasons to Buy a Used Powerboat

When looking to buy a powerboat, many want to get one fresh off the showroom floor. This can be a fun way to purchase a boat, allowing you to pick the type of boat and which types of accessories you want. However, if this is your first boat purchase or you’re looking to save money, looking at used boats for sale in San Diego may be the best way to go. Not convinced? Here are seven benefits of buying a used boat.

  1. Price – First and foremost, if you want to save some cash on your purchase, you should consider a pre-owned option. This is a surefire way to see your money go further and it is the reason that many first-time buyers opt to buy used. When you’re out on the open water, the feelings of happiness are the same, no matter how much you spent on getting there.
  2. Insurance – Much like with cars, you will pay higher insurance premiums if you buy new. For this reason, you should consider a pre-owned powerboat. In some cases, if you buy used, you can cut your insurance bill by up to 50%. For more information about affordable boat insurance in San Diego.
  3. Care – Between you and the kids, accidents happen. When you have a new boat, you might fear every scratch and bad streak of paint, so much to the point where you aren’t able to enjoy yourself while on your boat. On the other hand, when you can find a pre-owned version, you likely fret less over every little bump.
  4. Longevity – Used boats last a long time too and today’s boats are extremely reliable when taken care of properly. Just because a boat is used, doesn’t mean you are going to have to replace it in a year or two. Your boat purchase is still an investment that will serve you for years to come.
  5. Selection – Plenty of people sell their boats on their own or through reputable boat brokers in San Diego. Either way, this means there is plenty of inventory and selection. From used Boston Whalers to Cabo sportfishing boats, if you’re looking for a specific powerboat, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of choices.
  6. Quality – Most boat owners have pride in their boats and take care of their boat. Remember, this was their investment and they may have bought the boat new to begin with. With the right and reliable pre-boat inspection, you can rest easy that you are making a smart purchase, free of mechanical problems and other concerning issues.

A smart consumer should consider buying a pre-owned power boat. It offers a host of money-saving and time-saving benefits that can make your purchase experience a more pleasant experience. For more information about buying used boats, contact Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. in San Diego at 619-222-3620. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions and would love to show you our current inventory.