Fishing Reel Maintenance Tips

Once the San Diego winter has ended, and you pull your rod and reel out of storage, you must perform some basic maintenance before heading for the fishing grounds. For those beginner anglers and sport fisherman who can’t wait to get back out on the open waters, Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. a boat brokerage in San Diego, offers a few tips for making sure your reel is in tip-top shape.

Fishing Tools & Cleaning Supplies

First, it is very important to use the proper tools and cleaning supplies. A quality reel can be easily ruined if not creased and oiled properly before putting it to work. You’ll need the following tools and supplies to perform proper maintenance that won’t damage your reel:

  • Small slot-head screwdriver
  • Small Phillips screwdriver
  • Old toothbrush
  • Pair or tweezers
  • Wrench and list of parts included with your reel
  • Hot water
  • Biodegradable grease-cutting cleaner
  • Lighter fluid
  • Reel oil
  • Lubrication grease

Disassembling Your Reel

Next, disassemble your reel. As you remove parts from your reel, lay them on a mat and number them by placing a piece of masking tape with each corresponding piece number under the part. This ensures there are no leftover parts and gives you the order of reassembly. Always be sure to secure the end of your fishing line with a piece of masking tape before removing the spool. This saves the headache of having the line become caught between the frame and spool, making it difficult to remove.

Cleaning Your Reel

You will then need to clean, grease and oil the parts properly. Always use biodegradable grease cutting products to clean your parts as opposed to petroleum products which can melt plastics. Now, you’ll utilize the old toothbrush mentioned above. Using this to clean your reel will ensure you do not damage any of the individual parts. Also, do not grease the top of the gear teeth, or your reel will toss grease all over. Only apply the grease to the bottom, in a light coating with a small brush or toothpick.

Finally, utilize lighter fluid to remove any unwanted substances from the bearings and don’t forget to test them to make sure they spin after they are cleaned. Insider tip: oil them with a toothpick, applying one drop per bearing. After you have cleaned, greased and oiled your reel, reassemble it and make sure it is working properly. Apply a quality lubricant to your line and the exterior for protection.

If you’ve performed your maintenance properly, you’ll be ready to hop on your power boat and go fishing. Looking to trade your small boat in for a larger sport fishing boat? Contact us today at 619-222-3620 to learn about our inventory of boats which includes used Cabo Yachts, Viking, Hatteras, Boston Whaler, Tiara and much more.