Buying Boats & Yachts

San Diego Boat Buying Guide

San Diego is a veritable “boat capital” of California due to its excellent harbor and year-long mild weather patterns. Additionally, there are trusted yacht brokers offering the best prices for those looking to buy a boat in San Diego. With so many options for buying boats in San Diego, it is imperative that the prospective buyer take a little time to plan out his or her investment.

When should I make the purchase?

While some areas of the country have a stark off-season for boating, San Diego’s sunny weather permits a constant boat market all year long. The “foggy season” in February may give you a deal or two and purchasing a used boat as opposed to a new boat can ensure additional savings as well.

From whom should I buy my boat?

There are many makes and models to choose from at boat dealerships throughout the city, but the best route is probably to contact a good boat and yacht brokerage in San Diego such as Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. A broker will bring all the benefits of seasoned experience to the table while also helping inform you of the important features of each boat. Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. is even available to help you find the best marina or slip, provide boat transport, and handle boat financing, insurance, and maintenance.

What paperwork will be necessary?

Aside from a boating license which you can obtain from the DMV, you will likely need to get a loan from a good marine lender who understands the value and depreciation rates of boats, along with getting appropriate boating insurance. You also need to ensure that you have finances available to secure the title and pay all taxes and fees. One could spend considerable time on paperwork if unfamiliar with all the precise local requirements, but a boat broker will be able to guide the buyer through all that in a short time without any headaches.

If you would like to start your boat buying process in San Diego with experienced and helpful professionals who have nearly two decades worth of experience, contact Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. at (619) 222-3620. We make purchasing a boat easy and affordable by handling every last detail from loan pre-approval to boat transport. But don’t take our word for it! Read some of our client testimonials.