Shelter Island Boat Ramp Upgrades To Begin Soon

With the bidding process completed for the Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility Improvement Project, construction on the boat ramp has been stated to begin on Tuesday, May 23rd. Due to the fact that the Shelter Island boat launch is one of the busiest ramps in California, the $9.5 million improvement project will help to accommodate the around 500,000 annual launches. The project has received funding from the California Department of Boating and Waterways and the Wildlife Conservation Board.

“This project recognizes that the boat launch needs to be enlarged, made safer and more navigable and maneuverable making it easier for boats to move around within the basin once they’re in the water,” said Brianne Page, marketing, and public relations representative for the Port District. The Shelter Island boat launch’s last major improvement was completed in the mid-1970s when the 10-lane boat-launching ramp was constructed. The ramp is currently used by recreational boaters from the public, private fishing boats, fishing tournament boats and tour buses. “It will increase the length of the boarding floats. We’ll be installing a public walking platform with viewing areas. We’ll also be installing more signage and better lighting, as well as bring the restrooms up to current ADA standards.”

In order to accommodate safety concerns and to allow construction to occur, the Shelter Island launch ramp will be closed to the public during most of the construction. One lane will remain open during the peak summer months, however, ramp users should expect delays if launching during these months and are urged to utilize several alternate launch facilities throughout the area.

Here are several alternate boat launches: San Diego Bay, 2869 Historic Decatur Road in Liberty Station; MCRD Boat House, 131 Neville Road; Mission Bay Dana Landing, 2580 Ingraham St.; Mission Bay South Shores, S. Shores Park Driveway; Mission Bay Ski Boat Launch Ramp, Ingraham Street & Vacation Road; Mission Bay Santa Clara Point, 1001 Santa Clara Place; Mission Bay De Anza Cove boat launch, E. Mission Bay Drive.

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