Buying the Right Type of Fishing Boat

Fishing can be a great hobby, one that can get you away from stressful work life and give you a chance to relax. Although fishing can be as simple as casting a line into the water from shore, many fishing enthusiasts prefer the joy of getting out on the open water. Looking to buy a used fishing boat in San Diego? Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you select the right type of boat to meet your needs.

Where do you plan on fishing?

When choosing the right fishing boat, one of the very first things you need to consider is where you plan to do most of your fishing. Do you plan to go fishing on a small lake or the open ocean? Do you plan on staying close to shore or heading out into the high seas? Also, what types of fish are you pursuing and where are they found? Different boats handle different water conditions better than others, so you’ll need to take things such as water depth and wave level into consideration. If you plan to do a bit of fishing everywhere, a multi-purpose boat will likely be best.

Are you interested in aluminum and fiberglass construction?

Both construction types have their advantages and the one you choose will ultimately depend on your individual needs. Generally speaking, aluminum boats are tough, well weighted and most importantly, fishing friendly. Fiberglass boats on the other hand, provide a sophisticated look with clean lines and offer a quieter ride on the water. Many have plenty of storage and large livewells, however, are typically heavier than aluminum boats, meaning more horsepower and thus, more fuel. To learn more about the long list of advantages and disadvantages of each boat type, click here and request additional information from the experts at Ballast Point Yachts.

Who is going to use the boat?

The number of people that you plan to have fishing with you is another important factor in choosing the boat that is right for you. Not only do you want to have enough room to seat everyone in your party safely and comfortably, you also want to make sure that you have ample room for everyone to move around. However, it is important to answer this question truthfully. Although you may hope that your family can get out on the beautiful Southern California water with you each weekend, this may not be a reality. You want to carefully consider party size, as this leads directly into our next major consideration, boat size.

What size boat are you looking for?

The type of fishing you will be doing and the amount of guests accompanying you on your fishing adventures will help determine the size of the boat you are looking for. However, many buyers make the mistake of selecting the largest boat they can afford today. Remember to factor in the costs of running a large boat such as fuel and storage costs at the marina. This will ensure that you will be able to afford running your boat for years to come.

Whether you’re looking to buy a used Boston Whaler boat or a Weldcraft with Fisherman Center Console, Ballast Point Yachts is here to help. We don’t just love boats, we live boats. Licensed, bonded and insured, our expert San Diego brokers can help you through every step of the used boat buying experience. Call us at 619-222-3620 for information on our more than 30 pre-inspected and affordable yachts for sale!