Warning to Prepare for Sea Level Rise

Concerns of high tides were voiced at last month’s International Marina and Boatyard Conference in southern Florida as boatyard and marina operators were warned to prepare for the impacts of sea level rise. With predictions that the recent “king tides” will be the new normal by the turn of the new century, high tides could mean more coastal flooding and elevated water levels across the country.

So, questions arise as to how serious is the predicted sea level rise? What can marina and boatyard operators do to be prepared for any rise in sea level? According to news reports, several steps can be taken to prepare for the consequence of higher tides. Flexible floating docks can be installed and ensuring that boats are kept secure even with water rise will aid in preventing any damages.

The sea level rise also threatens Southern California by way of coastal property damages, shoreline erosion, and wetland loss. Southern California’s biggest challenge will be preparing for sea level rise, which is why a 10-member Sea Level Rise and the California Economy committee has been selected. According to the committee, “it is not hopeless. What is needed is a serious planning by property owners and government agencies to develop strategies to deal with sea level rise in the short and long term. Our coast is going to change, our challenge is to adapt to the change we can’t control, and take steps to minimize the magnitude and speed of that change.”


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