Top 5 Tips for Selling a Used Boat

When you start looking into how to sell a pre-owned boat in San Diego, it’s common to become overwhelmed and lost as to how to get the most money out of the transaction. Instead of fearing the process and worrying about the sale price, follow these 5 tips to help you get the most for your used boat.


Before starting the process, make sure that you have all the documentation related to the boat. This includes registration, receipts and any other information related to the maintenance and upkeep. Buyers and brokers oftentimes ask for the information to ensure the yacht or boat has been well taken care of.


A seller must clean the boat thoroughly both inside and out. Wash the exterior, polish metals and wood, and replace any torn canvasing. This will help you get top dollar for your vessel. Buyers will pay more money when they believe that the owner treated the boat like a prized possession. If you’re unsure of exactly what to do or would like to hire someone to take care of this for you, just ask your local San Diego used boat broker for suggestions.


Waxing the exterior of a boat can be one of the easiest ways to impress a buyer. The shiny and sleek appearance will provide a prospective boat buyer with a great first impression. To do this, simply head down to your local boating or auto parts store and purchase wax and complimentary supplies that will not damage the finish of your boat. This inexpensive investment can go a long way, helping to lock in the best possible sale price.


Many boat owners have a functioning boat that still needs minor repairs. To get the most money and to gain more interest from potential buyers, a seller should try to fix small issues. When doing so, an owner can confidently ask for a high price for his or her boat. Make sure you entrust even the smallest repair to a professional boat service repair center so you don’t cost yourself money in the end with a botched quick fix.

Test everything

A boat owner should inspect everything including navigation lights, the radio and any other daily use item that a prospective buyer will want to use on a regular basis. Be as thorough as possible when examining your boat and think about questions you would ask if you were going to buy the vessel. This will help ensure nothing is overlooked.

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