L.A. County Reimburses Long Beach for Removing Marine Debris

Approximately 4,500 tons of marine debris has been removed from the marinas and beaches in the Long Beach area. Eighty-five percent of the debris flowing into Long Beach’s waters travels via the Los Angeles River.

On April 19th, the Long Beach City Council unanimously adopted a one-year contract for $500,000 with Los Angeles County to help fund the removal of marine debris and trash that flows from the Los Angeles River into local marinas and beaches.

The next phase of the joint agreement begins on July 1st and will continue through June 30th of 2016. City staff has told council members “the county has been aggressively implementing new policies and processes to reduce the amount of trash that enters drainage systems and is subsequently deposited on the beaches and in the marinas”. Additionally, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration stated that “California’s mix of large metropolises and long stretches of sparsely populated coastlines has a direct effect on how trash navigates local and regional waterways”. All statements point to the fact that addressing the issue will take several tactics and approaches, but first and foremost is preventing debris at the source.

Removing Marine Debris

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