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Boating, E15, and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Since early 2010, California (like many other states) has had 10% ethanol in its gasoline (E10). E10 is now in approximately 90% of the gas in the United States, leaving boaters with no other choice than to utilize this blend of gasoline. Unfortunately, boaters who use E10 are starting to report problems including erratic engines and clogged fuel filters. In some cases, the hydrophilic characteristics of ethanol have caused serious damage, and have even destroyed some engines in new and used boats in San Diego.

This leads us to E15, a new fuel blend that contains 5% more ethanol than the previously mentioned E10, which boaters are already reporting problems with. Currently, E15 is being tested in an effort to prove that it is safe for operation in marine equipment. While it is approved for use in some cars, use for marine boats and watercrafts has not been endorsed by the EPA. This uncertainty is leaving many boaters concerned about the prospect of having the government introduce higher ethanol levels to the nations’ gasoline supply.

Because the effects of E10 and E15 could cause serious harm to boaters on the water, important reform is currently being sought that could eliminate mandates requiring additional ethanol volume in U.S. gas. Experts highly recommend that until there has been conclusive testing and approval for use in marine engines, water craft, and boat owners should not use these higher fuel blends.

Boaters should be cautious about the fuel they use and should try to follow a few simple guidelines. In addition to consulting your owner’s manual for additional information about the proper fuel for your boat and its engine, it is also important that you stay within correct boat storage guidelines to avoid any moisture contaminating the fuel. You’ll also want to follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations for fuel use and maintenance schedules. If you are in need of regular boat maintenance, for information about reliable, full-service boat maintenance in San Diego from Ballast Point Yachts, Inc.

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