Selling Boats & Yachts

How to Choose the Right Boat Broker

When you begin the task of selling a boat in San Diego, you’ll have to determine whether you want to sell the boat on your own or enlist in the help of a boat broker. Many people tend to prefer working with a boat broker for additional convenience and expertise, however how do you choose the right broker for your needs? Here are a few things that you should consider when selecting a boat brokerage in San Diego.

First of all, where does your potential boat broker advertise? If you want the best possible price for your boat, you’ll need to be sure that your boat gets advertised in the best possible places. Does this brokerage advertise across multiple media platforms – internet, print, email, boat shows, industry networking – and does your potential broker always advertise honestly? These are key factors when it comes to getting the market price for your yacht or boat.

Do they have a licensed, bonded and insured store front? Possible buyers will likely want to come and see your boat, so having a reputable company with a store front and knowledgeable staff will add to a buyer’s experience. It’s also preferred to work with a used boating or yacht company in San Diego that has been around long enough to establish a great reputation.

It’s an excellent idea to cold call a few potential brokers. Call them up and inquire about one of the listed San Diego boats or yachts for sale. Pay attention to how they describe the boat and how they conduct themselves as a representative of their company. Hearing how they market the boats of others will be a great way to see firsthand, how they will market your boat if you list with them.

Finally, make sure your boat is in the best possible condition by getting it professional cleaned, Fix all leaks, remove all of the personal items from inside the boat, and make sure everything is in tip top shape. The better condition your boat is in, the faster it will sell, and the higher the price it will bring. Want to know how much your boat is worth? Click here for a free market value appraisal from Ballast Point Yachts or contact us directly at 619-222-3620.