Finding The Perfect Boat In San Diego

In the Market for a Motor Yacht? Need help Finding the Boat that Meets your Needs? Finding your dream yacht requires careful research and a knowledgeable and experienced San Diego yacht broker. Brokers ensure that the proper steps are followed from pre purchase inspections to finding boat insurance in San Diego, and you will receive… Read More

All About Boat Surveys

If you are thinking about buying a used boat in San Diego, one crucial thing you need done before closing the purchase is a boat survey. A thorough boat survey will help protect you from purchasing a possible money pit or boat ill-equipped for use. What is a Boat Survey A boat survey, also called… Read More

Bait-and-Tackle Shops Boosting the Economy

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently conducted a survey that found that independent marine recreational bait and tackle retail stores play a largely important role in boosting the U.S. economy. In 2013, the first ever economic survey of independent retailers concluded that the industry contributed about $2.3 billion into the economy and provides over… Read More