Boats sales are revving up in California

A Wall Street newspaper headline in the Dec. 2013 issue declared “Boat Sales Come Back to Life,” and the article that accompanied it described how new boat buyers are helping to drive a boating recovery in California.

“Boats sales are revving up in the state for the first time in five years, part of a national resurgence in a corner of the luxury sector that signals the economy is improving,” wrote Carlton in the Wall Street Journal piece.

After a decade of decline, Americans are participating in outdoor activities in growing numbers and as they look for ways to spend time outdoors, boat dealers are taking cue, producing innovative boats that offer an all-encompassing entry to the boating lifestyle at a variety of prices.

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, sales of new boats in California are up 3 percent over the previous year. And the news is even better nationwide, where the association said there has been a 10 percent estimated increase in boat sales over the past year. This level of growth in 2013, the organization said, will depend on a number of factors, including continued improvement in economic conditions that affect boating — namely, consumer confidence and the housing market and sustained increases in Americans’ participation in outdoor activities. In 2011, boating participation increased 10 percent to 83 million participants — the largest proportion of adults (34.8 percent) who went boating since 1997 (35.8 percent).

Presently, there is a general shortage of inventory in our local market. With the season right around the corner and current boat loan interest rates as low as 3.5%, the market continues to be very active with buyers seeking good quality boats used. Traditionally this is a great time to buy.