The 2017 Model-Year Rollout

Beginning June 1st, 2016, the new model year for boat builders commences and will last 14 months, ending in July of 2017. Compared to past years, this rollout begins two months earlier and will last two months longer.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association believes that this extended model year will “allow boat manufacturers flexibility to close out old model production while beginning the new model year”.  In addition, President Obama has recently signed the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015, which provides a way for any boat builder to apply for an exemption and introduce new model designs prior to June 1st in limited circumstances. All requests must be submitted to the Coast Guard for approval.

So, with the new, earlier, 2017 model year, boat builders can introduce new models any time on or after June 1st and up until July 31st. That being said, dealers should find out what their main boat suppliers are planning to do under the new law. That might require a serious look at possible revisions in any dealer’s inventory strategies for this year and beyond. And given the start date of June 1st, this would all happen rather fast and will change the inventory game for sure.

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