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Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. is a premier yacht brokerage in San Diego, servicing California, Mexico and the entire West Coast. We are delighted to have been in business for nearly twenty years, and bring our clients seasoned experience that is unparalleled in the industry. We specialize in Carver Yachts, so whether you’re interested in buying a Carver Sport Coupe, selling a Carver Motor Yacht or perhaps getting a few repairs done on your Super Sport or Mariner, we are a one-stop-shop for all your boating needs.

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32’ Carver 326 Aft Cabin 1999
Model: 32’ CARVER 326 AFT CABIN 1999
Year: 1999 Price: $47,500 View Details

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Carver 325/326 Aft Cabin
Carver 36 Aft Cabin
Carver 36 Mariner
Carver 36 Mariner
Carver 36 Motoryacht
Carver 350 Mariner
Carver 35 Super Sport
Carver 360 Sport Sedan
Carver 36 Super Sport
Carver 350 Aft Cabin
Carver 38 Super Sport
Carver 370/374 Voyager
Carver 36/370 Aft Cabin
Carver 39 Motoryacht
Carver 355/356 Motor Yacht
Carver 42 Motor Yacht
Carver 41 Cockpit MY
Carver 405/406 Aft Cabin
Carver 38/390 Aft Cabin
Carver 390/400/404 Cockpit
Carver 42/43 Super Sport
Carver 44 Sojourn
Carver 42 Mariner
Carver 455/456 Aft Cabin
Carver 46 Motoryacht
Carver 450 Voyager
Carver 46 Voyager
Carver 410 Sport Sedan
Carver 444 Cockpit MY
Carver 430 Cockpit MY
Carver 440/455 Aft Cabin
Carver 43/47 Motor Yacht
Carver 500/504 Cockpit MY
Carver 506 Motor Yacht
Carver 520 Voyager
Carver 530 Voyager
Carver 564 Cockpit MY
Carver 560 Voyager
Carver 570 Voyager
Other Carver Models

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Sell Your Carver Yacht with San Diego's Trusted Boating Experts

carver 56 voyager for sale At Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. we only sell used boats, meaning we don’t have the distraction or pressure of selling new boat inventory. We create a personalized selling experience for each of our clients, knowing that not all boats will benefit from the same marketing mix. We carefully examine the current market to determine which combination of MLS, print media, internet marketing, direct mail and boat show advertising will provide your specific Carver model with the best exposure, ensuring the listing is viewed by qualified and prospective buyers. Trust the sale of your used Carver boat or yacht to our experts and enjoy a fast and hassle free process.

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What’s My Used Carver Yacht Worth?

Whether you are looking to sell a Carver Voyager, Super Sport, Motor Yacht or Mariner, the first step of our sales process is to determine the current market value of your boat. For your convenience, we offer a free market value assessment which includes:
  • Boat Evaluation – We take into consideration the age of your boat, the model and its current condition to help give us a range of where to price your boat.
  • Market Evaluation – Using our private MLS sources, we can identify competing inventory, recent sales and market trends for similar Carver Yachts currently for sale.
  • Service and Repair Tips – After looking at the competition, our maintenance experts can provide tips for cost efficient service and repair tips that will help support a higher resale value.

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Why Carver Yachts?

carver voyager 45 Carver Yachts first began in 1954 when two friends, Charlie Carter and George Verhagen began building mahogany-planked, high-speed runabouts. What started as a hobby became the foundation of more than 50 years of quality boat-building. Over the years, cabin cruisers were added to the original mahogany boats, and later, a switch would be made to fiberglass hulls. Additional advancements coupled with the company’s dedication to handcrafted detail resulted in a luxurious line of vessels of all sizes that were known as some of the best in the luxury motor yacht industry.

The Most Popular Carver Models:

Carver 35’ Super Sport / Voyager
Carver 36’ Mariner / Super Sport
Carver 38’ Super Sport
Carver 39’ Aft Cabin / Cockpit MY
Carver 40’ Aft Cabin / Cockpit MY
Carver 41’ Cockpit MY / Sport Sedan
Carver 42’ Cockpit MY / Mariner / Super Sport
Carver 43’ Sport Sedan / Motor Yacht
Carver 44’ Aft Cabin / Cockpit MY / Sojourn
Carver 45’ Voyager / Aft Cabin
Carver 46’ Voyager / Motor Yacht
Carver 47’ Motor Yacht
Carver 50’ Cockpit MY / Motor Yacht
Carver 53’ Voyager
Carver 56 Voyager / Cockpit MY
Carver 57 Voyager

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