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Photo Make Length Model Year Inventory
Now Available
Grady White 30 30' Grady-White 306 Bimini (Click Here)
1999 1 Request More Information
Grady White 30 30' Grady-White 300 Marlin 2009 (Click Here)
2009 1 Request More Information
Grady White 30' 30' Grady White 305 2007 Marlin (Click Here)
2007 1 Request More Information
Grady White 30' 30' Grady White 300 Marlin 2007 (Click Here)
2007 1 Request More Information
Grady White 28' 28' Grady White 282 Sailfish 2005 and newer Inquire Request More Information
Grady White 29' Chesapeake 2009 & Newer Inquire Request More Information
Grady White 30' Marlin and 305 2003 or newer Inquire Request More Information
Grady White 33’ Express and Canyon 2003 or newer Inquire Request More Information
Grady White 36’ Express 2005 or newer Inquire Request More Information

For almost two decades, Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. has been helping people buy used Grady White boats , California, Mexico, Canada and throughout the nation from our San Diego office. We are your one-stop source for buying, selling, transporting and servicing used Grady White boats. Our Grady White buying service is designed to minimize all the hassle while we protect your interests. We will expedite the search, inspection, titling, insurance and transport of the Grady White model of your choice. Best of all, whether shopping for a Sailfish, Marlin, Release, Canyon, 305 or other express model, our buying services and expertise are free to Grady White boat buyers.


Today’s Used Grady White Sportfisher Inventory For Sale

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Need to Sell a Grady White Sportfisher? Use the Grady White boat Experts.

Grady-White360_05-05When it comes time to sell, your Grady White deserves the best.  As one of the top performing yacht brokerage firms , we know what it takes to successfully sell a used Grady White sportfishers.   Our San Diego office has maintained a concentrated focus on the larger Grady White models including Sailfish, Marlin, Release, Canyon, 305 or other express models resulting in an accumulation of prospective buyers across the State and around the world.  We have an aggressive marketing program consisting of Internet, MLS, print media, boat shows, direct mail and yacht broker networking.  We have a global presence including the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. This approach has enabled us to generate quality leads, higher resale values, and to sell our Grady White yacht inventory in shorter time periods.  And because we don’t have the distraction or pressure of selling new boat inventory, we can concentrate our efforts on our first priority – selling used Grady White boats.  Contact Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. today and enjoy a hassle free sale of your Grady White Sailfish, Marlin, Release, Canyon, 305 or other express boat.

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What’s My Used Grady White Yacht Worth?

grady-white-express-305-fishing-boatIf you have decided to sell your used Grady White boat, the first step is determining the current market value of your boat.   Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. offers a free market value assessment based on the year, model, condition and market demand for your used Grady White boat.  We will reference our private MLS sources to identify competing inventory, recent sales and market trends to give you a comprehensive market overview.   In addition to our market value assessment, we can provide service/repair tips and recommendations that will help support the resale value of your used Grady White boat.  Click below to request a free market value assessment for your used Grady White.

What's My Boat Worth?

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Why Buy a Grady White Boat?

Here are just some of the reason why Grady-White boats are one of the best boats to buy for the West Coast:

1. Safety. There is no more important issue to us at Grady-White than safety and security. So we “overbuild” every boat, and we “overdo” every detail. Every model, even the larger boats, has basic or level flotation (although not generally required in boats over 26 feet). Every boat has handholds built in right where you reach. Compare the safety factors before you buy another brand. Grady-Whites are built to be the safest choice in boating.

2. Customer Satisfaction. Every third party study ever done in the marine industry has ranked Grady-White highest in its category. No other coastal boat builder has been highest ranked even once. If you want the most satisfying boat experience, every indicator ever done says you really want the Grady-White.

3. The Best Ride in Boating. Boat length for boat length, there is no ride like a Grady-White‘s. Grady-White‘s exclusive C. Raymond Hunt Associates-designed SeaV2 hull‘s continuously variable vee is truly incomparable. Step aboard a Grady-White and enjoy the best ride in boating.

4. Yes, You Can Afford a Grady. Your Grady-White dealer is ready to do what it takes to ensure that you can get the Grady you‘ve always wanted. A family boat purchase is not the occasion to consider only the lowest price. What you want is total value. A Grady-White is a better value from the first day onward, and you‘ll appreciate this fact every time you‘re aboard. Ask your dealer to show you why a Grady-White is the best value in boating.

5. High Resale Value. Just compare the resale values as you are shopping. Look at the used boat classifieds. If you can find a Grady-White for sale, you clearly will see that a well-cared-for Grady-White commands a better resale price than any other boats in the category.

6. A Legacy of Uncompromising Product Quality. Grady-White boats are products of a unique combination of saltwater heritage, a keen knowledge of coastal boating developed over 50 years, and a culture of long-term private ownership. Grady-White aims to ensure that product quality is

The Most Popular Grady White Models:

For more than five decade, Grady White has set the standard for the boating building industry with its legendary lineup of boats.  As the premier yacht broker of used Grady White Boats in Southern California, we offer larger model line including the Sailfish, Marlin, Release, Canyon, 305 and Express.  Grady White Boats are ideal for a variety of activities including fishing, water sports or just cruising with friends. Explore the most popular models below.

28’ Grady White Sailfish Boats For Sale.  The thoughtfully appointed offers premium comfort and features for active day cruises, fishing runs and overnighting.

30’ Grady White Marlin and 305 Boats For Sale.  The Marlin and 305 are a fishing and pleasure boat that has it all: enhanced utility, ultimate convenience and stylish comfort. Master the offshore with the fishability of the 30’ Grady White Marlin and 305.

33’ Grady White Express and Canyon Boats For Sale.  Whether you like sportfishing, entertaining or relaxing on the weekends, the 33 Grady White Express and Canyon have the capabilities amenities for it all. Step onboard the legend and pursue your San Diego and Newport Beach boating passion.

36’ Grady White Express Boats For Sale.  The 36 Express, with wide side decks and an huge cockpit, is both an fish-fighting boat and great entertainer. The walk-around style fishing features include all of the west coast features you want. Fish or cruise aboard the 36 Grady White Express.

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Ballast Point Yachts, Inc. is San Diego's premier yacht brokerage and your source for used Grady White boats.  We are a full service yacht brokerage located near Shelter Island, in the heart of San Diego's boating industry. If you are looking to buy or sell a Grady White boat  or anywhere on the west coast, we are your one-stop shop.  We have a huge inventory of Grady White sportfishers, convertibles and express boats for sale. We also offer a wide variety of services including boat loans / financing, marine insurance, boat transport and shipping, boat registration, boat repair and much more. We offer boat sales and service , Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Dana Point and many other west coast locations.

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